About Us

When I was a teenager I used to love digging through boxes of my parent’s clothes. It was exciting because I never knew what kind of treasures I was going to uncover.  I found a true appreciation for the art of creating a new outfit / look by mixing and matching vintage items with current trends. The result was my own style that authentically reflected my personality, gave me energy and just made me feel good...and this is still true today. 

I have always wanted to start my own business and I naturally gravitated to the concept of my own boutique because of my fierce love for fashion.  When my boyfriend Matt wheeled out the whiteboard and we started brainstorming, his thoughtful questions led to the concept of providing a one stop shop for both new and vintage apparel. I was bursting with excitement because it would give me an opportunity to do more "treasure hunting" and also share the concept of mixing and matching vintage + new styles. Now...the tough part.  What should the company be named? After making a list of possibilities over a few days, we didn't feel like we had found the one.  Until we realized the name was right under our nose.  We have a 1 year old pup and his name is Matches (he's a goldador and the sweetest best boy ever).....and his name is a part of my boutique concept so it was perfect! 

Matches and Company was born and I couldn't be more thrilled! My hope is to encourage others to be bold, brave and creative with their fashion choices.  Try new things, don't overthink it and have fun!  Thank you for being here and giving us the opportunity to earn your business....happy shopping!  

~~ Jill ~~